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Shop for confectioners “Slado” is a recognized leader of sweet decor

The online store for confectioners “Slado” welcomes lovers of sweet pastries and masters of confectionery art. On the pages of our catalog, the heads of bakery shops, restaurants, pastry shops, coffee shops and ordinary home baking fans will select themed and versatile decor. Our  pastry decorations are perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes, sweets and gingerbread, meringues and cakes, loaves and Easter cakes. We have a large assortment of beautiful and high-quality goods for celebrations, New Years, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays.

Online store for confectioners: specialization TM “Slado”

Online store for pastry chef “Slado” presents to the attention of customers its own production: 

  • pastry lace;
  • sugar mastic flowers;
  • figures of mastic, mass of egg white;
  • modeling paste;
  • waffle pictures;
  • food colors: kandurin;
  • food flavors.

And also, thanks to long-term cooperation with reliable and proven suppliers, we sell the following types of headings:

  • confectionery dressing;
  • nutritional supplements;
  • colors and flavors;
  • bases for cakes;
  • paper baking forms for paska and more.

Shop for pastry chefs: professional approach

Online store all for confectioner “Slado” specializes in the sale of goods of own production. With their help, it is possible to decorate cakes, loaves, cupcakes and other types of sweet pastries in an original way. In their own production workshops, master pastry chefs handmake pastry decorations: extraordinarily beautiful, tasty, high-quality flowers of mastic, figures, edible lace. To obtain refined and sophisticated decoration elements, they use professional pastry equipment: plungers, dough mats, molds for working with mastic, dredging, as well as food colors, packaging boxes, bases.

Confectionery online store “Slado”: 10 components of success

Slado company has its own online store for pastry chefs in Ukraine and an official representative office in Poland, which are very popular among amateurs and professionals in the field of cooking. To make a successful purchase, we have everything you need:

  1. Own production. The equipment includes a special pastry equipment, modern equipment, first-class master confectioners.
  2. Supplies from trusted suppliers. Long-term cooperation is a guarantee of quality and good value of the goods sold.
  3. High quality products. According to the production technology, we use safe and high-quality ingredients.
  4. Handmade. Experienced master confectioners of the highest category create exquisitepastry decorations, so that the preparation of sweet desserts for you to be a pleasure.
  5. Affordable price. Own production and direct deliveries from the manufacturer contribute to the formation of the competitive price of the goods.
  6. Huge selection. Even the most demanding customer will find something to his taste. You can get acquainted with the product line on our website in the catalog section.
  7. Wholesale and retail sales network. We specialize in sales of products, both to individuals and wholesale customers (shops, bakeries, distributors).
  8. Delivery to all cities of Ukraine. The size of the minimum order cost is 1000 UAH, free shipping – from 1000 UAH.
  9. Consultation of a manager. Experienced staff will promptly answer any questions related to ordering, payment options and delivery methods.
  10. Prompt order processing. Registration and shipment of goods is carried out daily, after payment is confirmed.

Pastry decorations: product assortment of TM Slado

In the catalog of our online store everything is collected for the pastry chef, including:

  • waffle pictures for cakes;
  • confectionery dressing;
  • confectionery floristry;
  • confectionery decorations for loaves;
  • confectionery decorations for Easter cakes;
  • confectionery decorations for cakes;
  • pastry lace;
  • nutritional supplements;
  • decorations for Easter eggs;
  • forms for baking of paskas.

Convenient division into categories will allow you to quickly select the desired product in a particular category. Delight your loved ones with delicious and beautiful pastries.