Let’s decorate the cake with a waffle picture

Let’s decorate the cake with a waffle picture

Creating a sweet dessert each hostess wants to surprise her guests. Having it in mind and being led by the motto “Good look tastes better”, we offer a time-saving and advantageous variant. Delight and amazement comes from the cake decorated with a waffle picture. The eatable picture will give an outstanding look to the dessert and the main thing is to choose and apply the picture correctly.

About waffle pictures

A waffle picture is a picture on the sheet of waffle paper. The picture is put on the eatable sheet by a special printer with the help of food paints. The ingredients of our waffle paper are potato starch, water, olive oil. Without preservatives and colouring agents, GMO-free and Gluten-free.

Waffle pictures look like usual photos. The whole picture can be used to decorate a cake or, having cut the picture into small elements, the design can be adjusted to the required size. Picture pieces are used to decorate cupcakes, pastries or biscuits.

How to work with the waffle picture?

The following tips will help not to get any disappointment by using the picture:

  • The picture is rather fragile and may get out of order from water.
  • Uneven surface spoils the superficies of the picture.
  • The sheet put on the chocolate may get darker and loose its brightness.
  • Coating with décor gel keeps brightness of the colours.

The sheets are rather thin and do not tolerate moisture. To save the colours and structure, to protect the sheet from moisture it is recommended to apply the décor gel on the reverse side. Another way is to use sugar paste on the reverse side first and then to decorate the cake. It is better, when putting the picture on cream, to use protein or vegetable cream. The waffle picture covers sugar paste well.

To make the picture look perfect it is important to take care of the flatness of the cake surface. If there are air pimples and they can’t be moved away, they can be needled carefully, after the air is out, the surface may be evened by a small napkin without nap.

If the cake is decorated with chocolate icing, the waffle picture on top will get darker. To save the brightness of the colours put sugar paste on the bottom of the sheet carefully.

On our web-page you will find a great number of eatable pictures with favourite characters, flowers, cars, animals and many others for birthday celebrations and other festal occasions. Our managers will help to choose waffle pictures, will tell their features and ways of use.

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